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Watch documentary-style videos on interesting topics which are at your level! Improve your English effortlessly while having fun and learning new things at the same time!

Listen to everyday life stories and acquire English in the most-effective and natural way just like you learned your first language! ​

Improve your

Learn new words and expressions while you are watching, listening or reading. Context based learning

Learn grammar

Grammar points will be learnt subconsciously through audio and video stories

Real spoken

Hear English as it is spoken by native speakers and make rapid progress in your understanding of expressions and slang

90% of students NEVER learn English

I understand! You are frustrated and have probably given up on trying to improve your English. Other online and offline methods have not worked for you. Well let me tell you a secret : they don’t work for anyone! The reason is that our brains are not wired to learn languages in the way that they are taught in language schools or on traditional language courses!

In fact it is estimated that 90% of language students NEVER become proficient in the language that they are trying to learn. They spend hundreds of dollars and hundreds of hours and then finally give up saying that they are not good at languages.

In creating my courses I have applied successful and proven techniques that have helped thousands of students make rapid progress, acquire English in a natural way and never forget it!

In my courses I will combine comprehensible input, listening exercises, video and fun – this is the method that I have used to acquire 5 foreign languages! I have shown these methods to my students and they have achieved life changing results. Now I want to share them with the world!

And each session can be completed at a time convenient to you and in a place that is suitable for you!

 No commutes! No paying English teachers! You will learn/improve your English in a natural way as children do their native language!

Natural language

What are you waiting for?

Subscribe for the price of a coffee and get transcripts, my magic formula for learning vocabulary, comprehension questions to test your understanding and other extra materials that will make you think in English!

There is no better way to improve your language skills! This course does not focus on grammar! It contains the tools that you used subconsciously to learn your first language!

Subscribe today and open the door to a world of opportunities

Improving your English has so many benefits but why not improve your English in a relaxed and fun way rather than just going over boring grammar and textbooks? Feel free to browse the free lessons that are offered on my site…there is much much more for VIP Club members!

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I like your podcasts and youtube chanel. They help me in my journey to become fluent. Thank you.
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Simply the best! A great English learning podcast and video channel that will push you from elementary to upper intermediate learner!
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I like that speakers don’t speak too fast. I can understand almost everything.
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I really want to improve my English and I am happy I found this podcast.
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Congratulations for your channel and podcast! Very good and helpful.
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Hi Edward, I love listening to your podcast. I don’t understand everything the first time but I feel I am improving my English level.
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A friend told me about your channel. I like it. I want to say you do a fantastic job to help your students!
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Thank you for the video channel, podcasts and transcripts. It is just what I needed before I go to Ireland.
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I am studying English at a language school and your podcast and transcripts is the best resource to improve my knowledge.
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Very usefull podcast. Kind regards,
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Thank you for the podcast. It helps me a lot with English.
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My level in English is B1. I started listening to your podcast 2 months ago. It helps me a lot.
Jose Maria
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Congratulations Edward on the great video channel and podcast. Thank you for making this available for everyone learning English.
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I want to say that your podcast is really great. When I found it in the internet in January I thought it was too difficult for me. But now I am getting better and I understand more! Thank you!
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Hello Edward, Thank you for the podcast. I listen every day. I want to take FCE this year. The podcast and transcripts helps me a lot in that goal.
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Great website! Great podcast! I watch your YouTube channel also regularly.
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English Story TV and podcast is great! Thank you for your effort. It helps me to master the English language!
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I want to say that your podcast is really great. When I found it in the internet in January I thought it was too difficult for me. But now I am getting better and I understand more! Thank you!
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Great podcast and youtube channel. Thank you for your hard work. You have a lifetime subscriber!!!
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I follow and like the topics very much; thanks for it. Day by day listening I feel like I improve my English.
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Dear Edward, Thank you for the podcast site. I really like the topics and I am improving my English.

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The sweet world of candy. A2

The radio. B2

Digital nomads. B1

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